Warranty Information

Your product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 24 months subject to verification by our technical department. If a manufacturing defect is verified, the frame or part of the frame deemed defective will be placed free of charge. This does not include ophthalmic lenses, which will not be replaced under any circumstances.

This warranty does not cover defects caused by accidents (impact, crushing, etc.), improper or unauthorized use of the frame, unauthorized alterations, repairs, or tampering. Any damage not covered under warranty will be repaired for a nominal charge. Should a defect occur, please send your frame(s) and include your name, mailing address, email address, and a check for USD $10.00 (shipping and handling fee) to:

3100 Pullman Street, Unit C
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

For further questions, contact our customer service department via email at: customerservice@baumvision.com